Thursday, 14 November 2013

Keep a Vintage Mindset!

I think all my holidays have been vintage. That’s quite a sweeping statement I realise, but it’s true. I have enjoyed vintage caravans, historic hotels, beautiful boats, visited iconic places and have plans for much more. However, although all of these options are wonderful in their own right, sometimes all it takes is a day trip out, with the right frame of mind. A holiday in tune with the vintage scene is sure to excite you, and with many holidays now purposely set in place to cater for those with vintage interests, who can resist? I know I can’t. But I want to express the simple pleasures that are right there on your door step. For those that need a quick fix, or have used up all their annual leave, or maybe have a restricted budget, this is ideal for you.

The simple pleasure is time travel. I don’t mean hooking up with Michael J Fox and the Doc, but allowing your mind to take you somewhere else. You think I’m crazy right? Well, maybe, but I know that there are many of you out there that sometimes feel alone in your quest for a vintage connection. Is it people, places or possessions that spark your vintage love? If it’s all three, then you are ready for time travel. I promise this is leading somewhere... the past!

I chose to visit Blackpool. At first glance, it’s modern and its heyday may have passed, but don’t be fooled, it just takes the right mindset to see beyond the bright lights and arcades, to discover its hidden history. Before I went, I read about the history of Blackpool. I looked into its past events, prominent personalities and historic structures. 

Blackpool has a powerful past. This was the focus for my day trip with my husband. We decided we would bypass modern Blackpool and head straight for its historic heart, the North Pier and the Tower. The important part of any vintage day trip is to connect with people of the past. What did they do? Where did they go? We walked the pier in the footsteps of so many before us, and talked about the people we may have bumped into years ago. It was quiet, and if you closed your eyes, you could hear the carousel and seagulls crying. I was no longer in 2013. It felt special. We sat and glanced at the Tower and talked about all the things we knew had happened there: the shows, the dances. Blackpool’s past was alive again in our minds and it was the closest thing to time travel. We continued our walk back and searched for historic highlights - they were all around us. We had virtually blanked out the modern music and passing public. No one was going to interrupt our promenade in the past.

So is time travel really that easy? I believe so. It’s what you make it. Train the eye to see it and then you will discover hidden gems in every town and city. Just remember, the connections we have with the past, have been passed down from those before us... it’s a gift.

Dress: Vintage (Linda Leigh) | Boots: Foot Glove @ Marks and Spencers | Bag: Vintage |
Tights: Next | Glasses: Gok Wan | Tie Rack (older)


  1. LOVE Blackpool! But I love Scarborough more haha. The old bandstand is my favorite place to just sit on the benches and look down to it and the sea - perfect!

  2. Oh me too! Although my ultimate favourites are Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay! Watching the sea is beautiful! ;)


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